Poems by Bill Pearce 2018


Yes, it is that time of year that brings hope and joy and some of us grab a pencil and start writing poems. You find here some poems written by my good friend in Maine, Bill Pearce. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

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Looking Through
Winter Rails
Living Memories
Christmas Unfolds
Winter's Christmas
Passages Written
The Crossing
Plowing Through
Awaiting To Cross
As Children Play
Winter's Glow
Signs Of Winter
Season Of Wonder
Standing Waiting
Winter's Sky
Christmas Journey
Wintery Tune
Taste of Winter
The Christmas Store
Inside Serenity
Winter of Bliss
A Snowy Morn
Walking In The Snow
Seasons Remembered
The Christmas Place
Midmorning Christmas
Light of Day
Christmas Morning
Season's Cuisine
Afternoon's Past
Early Winter
Bench of Dreams
Traveling Through

On Beyond
Those Winter Days
Christmas Tracks
As We Dream
Tasting Snowflakes
White Road
Christmas Harmony
Cold And Wintery
Snow Of White
Greeting Santa
Remembering Times
Christmas Days
Behind A Mask
Epic Dreams
Hidden Within
Snow Covered Pond
All Lit Up
Snow Covered Stage
Christmas Mail
Decorated For Christmas
Lost In Christmas
Within Evening
Winter's Beauty
Magic of Winter
Emerging Styles
Winter's Crisp
Winter's Sea
Envisioning Christmas
Sorted Threads
The Last Christmas Tree
After Winter
He's Stood Fast
Feliz Navidad


Moments Revealed
Winter Of Then
Christmassy Dreams
The Day Begins
Full Of Snow
Winter World
Distant Skies
Faded White
Times That Pass
Pictures With Santa
Winter Thoughts
So Timeless
Driving To Town
Winter Cabin
When Coming Home
Then and Again
Dreaming Of Winter
Peaceful Array
Winter Says Hello
Winter's Beginning
Then To There
Tracks of December
Time At A Glance
Searching For Christmas
Storefront Snowman
Santa's Flight
A Simple Dream
Just A Time
God Lives Within
A Child's View
Beyond Memorie
Crystal Sights
Beauty of Christmas
Alone in White
Illusions Begin


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