Poems by Bill Pearce 2017


Yes, it is that time of year that brings hope and joy and some of us grab a pencil and start writing poems. You find here some poems written by my good friend in Maine, Bill Pearce. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

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Christmas Memoir
Christmastime Fantasies
Ready For Christmas
A Winter Scene
A Christmas Theme
Christmas Phase
Scenes After Christmas
Timeless Desires
White Of Winter
Road Of Winter
Winter's Mirage
Wintery Style
Holiday Style
Heart's Desire
Searching For Santa
So Joyful
Christmas Essence
Looking Afar
Man Of White
A Long Time Ago
A Magical Way

Village Church
Joyful Is Life
Dreams Of Snow
Old Front Door
Christmas Trail
Thinking Of Snow
Wintertime's Ways
Looking At Lights
Belief In Santa
Winter Drive
Time Of Life
Old Winter Road
Eyes Of Winter
Love Of Life
I'm Amazed
Snoopy's Christmas
Surely Come Alive


Reliving Christmas
Winter's Recital
So Christmassy
Winter Memories
Christmas Desires
Season's Revival
Old Time Memories
Season Of Bliss
Special Times
The Season's Alive
Winter's Big Scene
Snowy Branches
Winter's Ways
Winter's Night
Our Two Dogs
My Winter Dreams
Light Of Christmas
Season's Sight
Somewhere In Christmas
Love Is The Way


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