Poems by Bill Pearce 2013


Yes, it is that time of year that brings hope and joy and some of us grab a pencil and start writing poems. You find here some poems written by my good friend in Maine, Bill Pearce. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

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Thinking of Christmas
Gleaming Christmas
A Winter Wonderland
Believing in Christmas
As I Assess
The Christmas Train
Christmas in July
When The Snow Falls
My Times Of Christmas
The Season of Blessings
Special Memories
Faded Memories
The First Snow
The Touch
This Small Boy
Winter’s Promenade
Beyond The Snow
Snowy Scenes
Christmas Morn
Christmas Grows Closer
Christmas Arrival
Christmas Lights
Holiday Treasures
Curious Cloud
Remember When
Crossing Paths
Nobodies Tree
Haze of Winter
Rolling The Snow
Snowflakes of Christmas

Christmas Past
Christmas Comes
A Christmas Type Mind
Christmastimes Haze
When Christmas Comes
Seconds of Christmas
When Summer’s Gone
Within A Snowflake
December Thoughts
Christmas of Then
Soon Will Come
My Favorite Time
Amidst A Smile
Christmas Is Knocking
Cherished Thoughts
Flavors Of Snow
A Change Of Heart
A Christmas Card
My Yesterdays Christmas
Many Clouds
In My Shadows
Delivering Love
Wondrous Thoughts
Infinite Christmas
The Seasons Glance
A Northeastern Lullaby
Christmas Perception
After Christmas Eve
Beyond And Before
A Christmas Light Night

Days of Then
Seasons Delight
I Think Of Christmas
 Christmastime Snowscape
Winter’s Style
As I Remember
Long Ago
Soon Will Be Christmas
While It Snows
Portraits Hung
The Lost Snowflake
Christmas Winds
The Fragrance of Christmas
A Boy With A Drum
Finding Christmas
As Time Moves Onwards
Winter Comes Closer
Christmas Windows
A Snowflakes Dream
Looking For Snow
Can You Hear The Bells?
Childhood Christmas
Snowman's Flurry
Christmas Slumber
Seasons In The Sun
Heavenly Christmas
Morn of Essence
Needs of The Heart
Flavored Sunset
Wings of Prayer


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