Poems by Bill Pearce 2012


Yes, it is that time of year that brings hope and joy and some of us grab a pencil and start writing poems. You find here some poems written by my good friend in Maine, Bill Pearce. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

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Christmas 2012 Poems by Bill Pearce

A Tiny Little Town
Let's Make Christmas
Without Christmas
It Is Christmas
Waiting For Snowflakes
Another Summer Mile
Christmas Wishing
A Well Painted Christmas
Winters Prelude
Beyond Christmas
Some Call It Xmas
Soon It Will Be
Christmas Prelude
Life With Christmas
In This Season
Trees of White
Closer To See
Oh So Jolly
Portions of Dreams
A Glimpse of Christmas
Winter's Wonders
Showing True
Scenes Are Changing
Red, Blue and Green
Bits and Pieces
Christmas Pictures
Look Now and See
A Christmas Prayer
The Whitest Christmas
Tender Moments
Lights That Glisten
Pages of Winter
Soon After Christmas
Too Many Times

Christmastime's Moments
A Christmas Setting
Christmas Shadows
Dreaming of Christmas
Dreams of Christmas
A Christmas Thought
Christmas in Disguise
Christmas of Winter
I Just Dream of A Christmas
Christmas So Soon
So Many Hearts
Holiday Blessings
That First Snowflake
Christmastime's Seconds
Beyond Christmas
Scenes of Christmas
Painted Seasons
Hurried To See
Jesus in Christmas
Shadows of Time
A Manger Scene
Scents of Christmas
Christmas Snowflakes
Searching For Snowflakes
Glistening Trees
Nearer To Christmas
Jumping in Snow
Believing in Santa
The Heart of Christmas
Beyond Today
Soon To Come
A Few Days Till Christmas
I Now Can Recall
Peering At Winter

Sometime After Christmas
Yesterdays Christmas
Christmas Flare
White Days of Time
Some Say Christmas
Christmas Card
Dreams of Winter
Seeking Christmas
Seasonal Echoes
Heartfelt Scenes
Closer To Christmas
Flavors of Christmas
Forever Christmas
Sights of Christmas
Snowflakes Fall
When In Time
Glimmers of Christmas
Heavenly Sight
Seasons Charm
Their Christmas Surprise
Winter's Wonderland
My Whitish View
Cloudy Skies
Soon Comes Christmas
Painted Doorways
Winters Revival
Sentimental Journey
Now Might Be
The Christmas Secret
Winter Comes
Windows I've Seen
The Snow Comes
Comforting Calm
After Then


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