Poems by Bill Pearce 2011


Yes, it is that time of year that brings hope and joy and some of us grab a pencil and start writing poems. You find here some poems written by my good friend in Maine, Bill Pearce. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

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The Snowflakes
Christmas Thoughts
With A Trace
Sweet Remembrance`
Holiday Moments
Winter's Signs
A Snowy Serenade
Like A Snowflake
Painted Here
Christmas Mornings
Times Remembered
Ancient Echoes
A Winter's Story
Thens Christmas Way
Seeing Christmas
The Littlest Snowflake
I Was Dreaming
Built By Snowflakes
Merry Christmastime
Day That He Came
Scenic Hue
Catching Snowflakes
Personalized Christmases
Spread The Joy
Christmas Cheer
That Little Scene
Make New Dreams
Some Think Christmas
Scenes So Joyful
He Gave His Son
Remember That Feeling
Christmas Stars

Looking Backwards
Winds of Winter
Mornings Snow
Mornings Light
Now Is
Sometimes Seasons
Crispy And New
Christmas Memories
Christmas Dreams
Christmas Night
Mornings Like This
Life of Christmas
In This Dream
More Than HoHoHo
Christmastime Joy
Christmas Kiss
Christmas View
Wintertime's Come
Keeping Santa
Winter Is Here
Merry Christmas
A Christmas Sight
Turning of A Page
Letters To Santa
Let Not Judgment
Christmas Blessings
A Dreamers Ship
Christmas Settings
December Mornings
Father Christmas


Make It Christmas
The Christmas Dream
Winters Dreams
A Snowman's Birth
Snowy Blessings
Made A View
The Unopened Flower
Christmastime Another Day
Hearing Footsteps
Winters Passion
Christmas Breeze
Many Memories
Timeless Dream
Wishing For Winter
It Has Come True
Seeing Christmas
Christmas Hue
Let God's Gladness
God's Blessings
I Feel Winter
Jesus Abound
Seasons Shadows
Through The Window
This Fine Weather
The Main Point of View
Then Christmas Started
Christmas Glory
Great Design
Filled With Grace
Sound of His Name
That Dream Came Alive
Heaven's Sight To See
Christmas Remembered


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